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South Plains Precision Ag, Inc.
"Guiding Your Farm Into the Future"

South Plains Precision Ag, Inc. 2810 N. Quincy Plainview, TX 79072 806.293.8839 806.293.8122 Fax South Plains Precision Ag is a vibrant young company exploring the horizons of agricultural productivity by helping farmers adopt high-tech agronomic solutions. Because we began this business as farmers with the knowledge and desire to make the farming community successful, SPPA offers precision agriculture products and services that ensure accuracy and repeatability as keystones for building a total precision package. One of the largest Trimble RTK networks in the world, in conjunction with an SPPA exclusive easy setup program and long-term support, ensure a smooth transition for your farm into the brave new world of high-tech agriculture. Our Mission: SPPA is a bridge building company. We do not make the structures that allow vehicles to cross water, but we do offer products and services that help agricultural producers bridge the gap between traditional and precision agriculture. As our economy continues to evolve, farmers must find the most economical and efficient means to produce their crops. Realizing that technology offers many tools to accomplish this task, many growers are often intimidated by making the change into using more computerized equipment. SPPA works hard to help growers find tools that make their operation more profitable and then learn how to use them. We truly believe in American agriculture and want to make sure that growers on the Southern Plains are here tomorrow producing food and fiber as major players in that economy. If you are looking for a partner that has the tools and resources to help guide your farm into the future, look no further than South Plains Precision Ag.